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The peace of mind that comes with having a professionally drafted will cannot be underestimated. In the same way, entrusting the administration of a loved one's estate to a reputable legal practice removes at least some of the uncertainty that comes with the loss of a close friend or family member. The lawyers at Gary Keogh & Co., Solicitors in Limerick are committed to providing sensitive and personal legal advice to clients during an emotionally difficult time.

Limerick Wills Lawyers And Inheritance Tax Planning

A legally drafted will provides you with the reassurance that your affairs are in order and that your estate will be dealt with in as tax efficient a manner as possible. It minimises the possibility of family disputes and challenges to the validity of the will. Above all, a properly executed will ensures that your personal wishes will be carried out.

At Gary Keogh & Co., Solicitors we finalise wills only after we have taken detailed instructions from you about your intentions. Before coming to see us, it is a good idea to think about the following:

• Assets you are able to leave, so that we can consider the tax consequences of any gifts you wish to make
• How you want your property to be distributed
• Specific gifts of money or property that you wish to give
• Stipulations on any gifts
• Possible executors and guardians
• Gifts you may wish to make to charities
• Your funeral wishes

We remind our clients that wills can be updated at any time, and we encourage you to contact us should your wishes or circumstances change.

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Avoiding Probate Delays

Death inevitably brings a degree of uncertainty to deceased's family and friends. At Gary Keogh & Co., Solicitors we do all we can to reduce this by using well-established, streamlined systems designed to tackle foreseeable delays in the realising of assets. We ensure that:

• The deceased's personal representatives are legally protected
• Funeral expenses are paid promptly
• Outstanding tax matters are dealt with
• Estate debts are paid
• Assets are promptly distributed

Our experience in this area means we are alert to the possibility of any dispute that would unduly delay the probate process. If this is a possibility, we proactively take steps to manage the situation.

If you need the assistance of Limerick probate solicitors, or you wish to make a will, contact Gary Keogh & Co., Solicitors by phone on 061 316511 or online.

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